How To Get Pregnant Fast And Easy

You might either be desperate to get pregnant or you simply want to give birth at a specific time. Whatever your reasons, it is evident that you need to get pregnant fast and easy. To hasten the process you will need to set the best environment for conceiving and do a few things ahead of time in order to give your baby a healthy start. Outlined below are a few useful tips on how to get pregnant fast and easy.

Schedule A Preconception Checkup

You have to know whether your body is ideal for the task of pregnancy and know what changes would help prepare your body for pregnancy. Simply schedule that very important preconception checkup with your doctor or midwife. You might not resolve any health issues right away but taking such healthy measures, will enable you to get pregnant in the long
run. Your doctor might even recommend genetic screening to know your ethnic background or family history and find out whether you or your partner are carriers of any of those inherited illnesses. Knowing if any exist will enable your doctor to know what measures to take to ensure that your baby is born healthy.

Know Your Ovulation Times

Knowing when you ovulate will actually be very effective in helping you get pregnant faster, because you and your partner will definitely know when to have sex and increase your chances. You ovulate once each menstrual cycle, therefore there are only a few days out of
every cycle when sex can result to pregnancy. In case you have irregular periods, it is better to ask your doctor for advice because knowing when ovulation occurs could be difficult. You doctor will advice you on different ways of predicting ovulation.

Have Sex Before Ovulation

The moment you have that hormonal surge, make sure you have sex that day and the next couple of days. Have sex before ovulation as frequently as possible. Remember sperm can survive inside the uterus for up to 48hours and having sex frequently will ensure that there is plenty of them available to get to the egg as soon as ovulation begins. Also remember that an egg survives for about 12 to 24 hours after being released which is another great reason why you should have sex before ovulation and have the sperm already waiting for the egg. Waiting to have sex after ovulation will lower your chances of getting pregnant because the cervical mucus begins getting thicker and impenetrable for the sperm as soon as ovulation occurs. With such a “hostile” environment for the passage of sperm, it would be better to try next time which is the period before the next ovulation.

Keep Your Partner’s Sperm Healthy

How do you do this? Remember that sperms are highly likely to fertilize an egg when they are healthy, strong and plentiful. Make sure your partner’s sperm is in great fighting shape and plentiful. If he takes alcohol, tobacco substances or recreational drugs, this is the time to cut back on such because they contribute to abnormal sperm and low testosterone levels. Increase his testosterone levels and sperm count by serving him food with key nutrients such as folic acid, calcium, vitamins C and D and zinc. By eating such healthy foods, only strong and wriggly sperm in great numbers will be available and with many such super sperms at your disposal, you will definitely increase your chances of getting pregnant and giving birth to a healthy baby or babies. Remember the sooner you set the stage for that super sperm, the sooner you will get pregnant.

Enjoy Yourself

As much as you want to get pregnant fast, remember to maintain the fun in your sex experiences. Don’t make them look like one of those mechanical drills that you have to do with purpose. Make sure all you think about when having sex is that great time you are having and not worrying if you are getting pregnant. Sex shouldn’t be just a chore for you, but a great way to have fun. Enjoy every bit of it and the more you body is relaxed and you are in that great mood, the higher chances are of you getting pregnant.

Have Sex Frequently

This one might seem so obvious, but many couples have hectic schedules and might actually not be having sex as frequently as they should. If you have irregular periods or aren’t timing your periods, you can simply have sex frequently to increases your chances. Have sex many times for a couple of months and you will eventually get pregnant.

Give It Time

As you do all of the above, remember to be patient and give it time. Keep in mind that there are many things that can interfere with conception but eventually you will get pregnant. Hopefully within a couple of months or six months at the most. If your fertility problems are serious, you might get pregnant within a year. As you give it time, keep your doctor close and let him advice you on any other workable tips to improve your chances.

When To Seek Help

Knowing how long you should keep trying before seeking help from a fertility specialist is important. Seeking help from a fertility expert will depend a lot on your age since fertility declines with age. If you are over 40 years, seek help as soon as you begin trying or even before. If you are between 35 and 40 years, visit the specialist after six months of trying unsuccessfully. If you are under 35 years seek help after one year of trying unsuccessfully. However, if you see any signs of a fertility problem in your partner or yourself make an appointment with the fertility specialist right away, don’t wait.

Whether you have just began trying to get pregnant or have been doing so for a while, always remember to heed the advice from your doctor that is based on good science to help increase your chances of conceiving. Don’t take any advice from anyone who isn’t a certified medical professional. Also, don’t be depressed when you have tried too long without success, let your life carry on as usual, go to work, do any healthy recreational activities you do and you will one day get to see the double line on your pregnancy test kit when you least expect it.